Is the Uppababy G Luxe the Right Stroller For You?

Finding just the right stroller for your child can be very difficult. Some people like jogging strollers, while others like more heavy duty strollers that can be used for multiple children. But, when it comes to finding an affordable and lightweight stroller that is good for all around use, then you might want to look at the Uppababy G Luxe.

UPPAbaby G LUXE Stroller Picture
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What Is the Uppababy G Luxe?

This is a lightweight stroller that weighs just 11 pounds but is able to hold your child until they are 50 pounds in weight. It is considered to be one of the lightest weight reclining strollers around and has a removable seat pad that is easily cleaned up and resistant to stains. This also has the distinct advantage of being able to stand up when it is folded, which is great if you are traveling alone with your child and don’t have anyone to help you.

How Does It Work?

The Uppababy G Luxe is great for travel since it is able to fold up with the press of a button, it is able to stand on its own, and it even has an infinite recline (up to 120 degrees), so if your child needs a nap, they will be able to have a comfortable one.

Another feature that a lot of people really like about this product is that it has a sun canopy that will provide your child with full sun protection (SPF 50). This is great for summer time but also for any time when you want to make sure that your child is protected from the elements.

What Are People Saying?

Having a stroller that is able to hold up to everyday use and still be easily cleaned is important, and since this is made with StainDefend fabrics, your stroller will always be looking good and clean, too.

“This has a lot of features that I would like including a big sun shade and a huge basket underneath. I love how light it is.”
– Millie,

When you go looking at lightweight strollers, you usually end up with ones that are poor quality or just won’t hold up over time. With the Uppababy G Luxe, you will have a stroller that will outlast your child’s stroller years and will still be in good shape for your next child.

“I just recently purchased this and am happy with how light and easy it is to use. The release button is easy to use and the sun canopy is great.”
– Keribeth,

Where Should You Buy It?

It doesn’t take most parents very long to realize that if they go shopping in a traditional baby store, they will end up paying top dollar for just about everything, so if you are looking for the highest quality strollers and you want to get a good price, then you should buy it online where you will also get to choose from three color choices – orange, Jake and Black, or Sebby and Teal.

Is This the Right Product For You?

Before you buy any stroller, you should put some time and thought into just what you want out of that stroller. Many people find that they need more than one stroller because of the manner in which they travel or the types of things they like to do. But, if you are looking for a lightweight stroller that is very easy to travel with and has all the features that will keep it looking good for years to come, then the Uppababy G Luxe might be what you are looking for.