Should You Invest in the City Select Baby Jogger?

When you buy a baby jogger for you and your first child, you may not yet put a lot of thought into what will happen when you have another little one on the way. When you buy the City Select Baby Jogger, you will see that you are buying a stroller that is unique in that it is able to adapt and turn into a dual stroller, just by buying a second seat and a conversion kit. But, even if you only use it as your one and only single stroller, it is still a great buy with all the features you would expect from a high end stroller.

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What Is the City Select Baby Jogger?

This is a multi-functional stroller that although it is advertised as a “jogger”, it doesn’t look like a traditional jogging stroller. It has four wheels, and the two front wheels can swivel or lock into place. This is ideal if you plan on using this as your regular stroller as well as your jogging stroller. It is able to hold one child in the provided reclining seat, or you can buy the customization package and turn it into a dual stroller that will hold a bassinet, another seat, or a car seat.

How Does It Work?

The City Select by Baby Jogger has quick-fold technology which makes it easy for you when you are on the go and it also has a hand operated parking brake. The two back wheels are 12” forever-air wheels, while the two front wheels are 8” wheels that have quick-release and front suspension with sealed ball bearings.

As far as the seat goes, it has a multi position recline, its own sun canopy with a “peek-a-boo” window, and an adjustable head height for when your child is growing. It comes with a five point harness for safety and includes shoulder pads and a buckle cover for comfort. The stroller itself weighs just 28 pounds and it is able to hold up to 45 pounds in weight.

What Are People Saying?

The size of this stroller makes it ideal as both a jogging stroller and an everyday, shopping stroller. It is small and narrow enough for stores, but also gives you and your child the stability for a long walk or jog.

“This is the only stroller you will ever need for one or two kids. It is narrow and folds compactly.”

“This has a huge basket and the wheels are awesome. They are great on bumpy terrain. You can even wash the seats and reattach them.”

Where Should You Buy It?

Buying any jogging stroller is not a cheap option, especially if you are looking for one that is high quality and built to last. But, the City Select by Baby Jogger is ideal for any parent who will using it as both a jogger and a daily stroller and wants full functionality, an adjustable handle, swivel or fixed wheels, and a hand brake. The key is to buy this online where you will get to choose from the full range of colors and also get the best buy.

Is This the Right Product For You?

You will certainly find more affordable strollers on the market, but when you read the reviews, it would seem that you can’t go wrong with the City Select  Baby Jogger. This is a very adaptable jogging stroller and one that is narrow enough for you to use regularly, while still providing you and your child with the comfort and safety that you need.

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